An Ancient City Tour of Peshawar

Peshawar is the oldest city in Pakistan, and one of the oldest cities in South Asia, with life dating back tens of thousands of years. For centuries Peshawar has been at the centre of the country’s trading routes, and with that comes an intriguing history. In the centre of Peshawar an older world awaits you, with smoky bazaars where you can drink chai or eat kebabs with local traders, plus old forts, ancient archaeological sites and impressive museums. Here we take you through the city’s best markets, religious buildings and historical sites. When you are ready to go, contact Brightsun Travel about a wide range of Peshawar cheap flights with world class airlines.

Religious Sites

Mahabat Khan Mosque

If you are going to visit one mosque during your trip to Peshawar, then the Mahabat Khan Mosque is a good choice. Built during the Mughal empire, the mosque is known for its beautiful tiled interior.

Ghor Khatri

At the Ghor Khatri archaeological site you will find an abandoned Hindu temple and excavations that reveal the city’s underground history, and a side of Peshawar that dates back to before the Greeks.

All Saints Church & St Johns Church

All Saints Church and St Johns Church are two of the city’s notable churches. All Saints Church was adapted from a former mosque in the 1800s, and St Johns Church dates back to before British colonial times in Pakistan.


Qissa Khawani or ‘Street of Storytellers’

Arguably Peshawar’s most famous market is Qissa Khawani, or ‘Street of Storytellers’, where traders and travellers once swapped tales of adventure and romance. Here you can now buy anything from clothes to copperware.

Smuggler’s Bazaar

Set on the city’s fringes, en-route to the famous Khyber Pass, is the Smuggler’s Bazaar, which is a huge market in Peshawar. Even though some parts of the market are bordered off to tourists, it is still well worth a visit.

Chowk Yadgar

Chowk Yadgar is a historical market in Peshawar, located in the central memorial square in Peshawar, and close to its central clock tower, and jam masjid digital a place where you can find literally anything you are after, from fresh produce to gold.

Historical Tours

Peshawar Museum

Peshawar’s many museums will give you an insight into the city’s long history. Our favourite is the Peshawar Museum that is housed in beautiful Mughal-gothic building, which boasts the largest collection of Gandharan art in the world.

Bala Hisar Fort

Dating back to the 1500s, the Bala Hisar Fort was once a royal residence for the Afghan Durrani dynasty in Pakistan. After several rebuilds the fort now offers an on-site museum with great views over the city.

Islamia College

The Islamia College is an educational institution in Peshawar, with a reputation for being the hub of cultural activity in the city. It is well worth a visit for its incredible architecture alone, as well as its beautiful gardens.


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