Getting body piercing jewelry the right way

Most body piercing jewelry can be placed around many body parts. For instance, the piercing is placed around the lips or tongue brings several complications in oral health. This area is very sensitive and delicate because many nerves are located there, veins and blood vessels.

These perforations hinder chewing and speech, even the first few days after you put it, as it will be very swollen and uncomfortable. This area is very wet and full of bacteria and waste time. These residues will accumulate in these areas too, which is why this type of drilling often become infected more easily and take longer to heal. The bacteria in the mouth can enter the hole and go straight to the heart.

Long-term body piercing jewelry complications

The damage and long-term complications are many. Adults who have used a dental piercing in his youth often turn to the dentist to repair the damage it caused. The piercing cause gum disease like gingivitis and periodontitis, because the gem hurts, hits and irritates the gums, as well as the bacteria do their toll on these perforated zones. These diseases can even cause the loss of one or more teeth. It’s amazing how this new body piercing jewelry trend can cause irreparable damage to many oral health of a person. Bad breath (halitosis) is very common in people with holes in the cheeks, around the lips and even more in the language, since the remains of food adhere and accumulate in the gem and it is quite difficult to clean thoroughly. That is when you begin to break down bacteria and bad breath starts.

Another danger and accident that happens more often is swallowing the jewel, this could cause choking or asphyxiation and other complications in a person. Infections are also caused due to handling the jewel with dirty hands.

Find out before getting a body piercing jewelry. Many teens are not aware of any problems that may bring a piercing done dental, that’s why I unconsciously made the decision to have them. Although these piercing look very sexy and fashionable, it is best to care for and maintain a perfect dental health. According to studies, the most common complication was the difficulty in chewing, which occurred in 58 cases.

Carriers were detected with more than one lesion, but 17% of respondents did not present any alteration. It is concluded that drilling in the oral cavity may be a risk factor for oral health who wears body piercing jewelry.

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