Have you guys seen all of the new peanut butter tastes popping up? What a dream.

Did you know today is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day?! You imagine I would possess made you a cookie recipe but nope; you get good old healthful bran muffins.

In reality, they’re actually really, really good bran muffins! Seriously, you understand I wouldn’t rest to you.

Last week I found myself craving my Grandmother’s marvelous bran muffins. I remember them being moist, delicious, and perfect with a sit down elsewhere each day. So off I visited the supermarket on a mission to find bran muffin ingredients.

Annnndddd two hours later, I surfaced from Trader Joe’s. I will really learn to make lists of the things I actually need.

These muffins produce an excellent healthy go-to breakfast time, too! They can be separately frozen and warmed within the microwave prior to you heading out the door for function. And of them costing only 179 calorie consumption with 6g of proteins, I’m definitely adoring them!

The flavor combinations are countless: Replace chocolate chips for the raisins! Use coconut oil instead of peanut butter! Add blueberries or walnuts! Simply enjoy!


Cooking spray

1 cup oat bran (I came across mine at Trader Joe’s, you can also use wheat bran)

1 cup whole wheat pastry flour

2 teaspoons cooking powder

1/4 glass honey

1/3 cup unsweetened applesauce

3/4 cup raisins


Preheat oven to 350 levels F. Spray 12-cup muffin tin generously with non-stick cooking aerosol. You can use muffin liners if you’d like, but make sure to aerosol the inside of these, too.

In a big bowl whisk collectively oat bran, flour, baking powder, sodium and cinnamon; reserve.

In separate large bowl beat together peanut butter, honey, egg, and vanilla until soft and creamy. Whisk in applesauce and dairy and mix well.

Add damp ingredients to dry ingredients and mix using a wooden spoon until just combined. (It is important to not over mix right here as we are coping with whole wheat grains!) Gently fold in raisins.

Fill each muffin cup 2/3 full with batter. Bake for 15-20 a few minutes or until toothpick placed into center arrives clean. Remove from oven and great on cable rack for about 10 minutes. Remove muffins and finish cooling on cable rack. Makes 12 muffins. I really like distributing mine with extra peanut butter or even a drizzle of honey! Muffins are greatest when warm.

will cashew/almond butter function? ðŸ‚

Mmmmm…..YUM! I omitted the raisens and opted for chocolate chips rather. It’s hardly ever really too much of a choice for me personally when offered the two choices. ðŸ‚

I did notice that the recipe component list says 2 eggs and the instructions say add the egg.” I had been kind of confused which one was the typo (could it be one egg or two?) So I added two plus they turned out good. Just idea I’d inform you so you can modify as necessary.

Also…for some reason I could always get about 3-4 more muffins than you. I consider it a muffin bonus, but maybe Montana muffin pans smaller sized than Minnesota muffin pans or something? Ha. Which leads me to some question – you don’t need to fill up any extra muffin mugs with water as long as you’re baking? I always perform but I’m not sure if it’s required. I figured you could help me solve that secret once and for all.

I simply discovered your blog, BTW, and kind of fell in love with all your wonderful recipes.

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