I’ve probably talked about my like for Heath Pubs often enough therefore maybe it’s time I stated something fresh. Second only to Heath Pubs are Mounds Bars. I just enjoy that combination of creamy coconut topped with dark chocolate; hold the nut products please! On a recently available trip to the neighborhood H Mart I spied a display of coconut dairy and I knew when I saw it what I would do. My snow cream maker was begging for a few interest and I was ready to comply…this Mounds Club n’ Cream – Coconut and Dark Chocolate Chunk Glaciers Cream was the end result and it had been fabulous!

Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday - A recipe | Posted via emai ...I wish I needed a story to share about this recipe. Some descriptive text message about how very much it means to me, or how I’ve loved this glaciers cream since I had been a little girl (ahem, that would be about Butter Brickle ice cream!). If only the journey to complete this dish included something irreverent or fun…but actually it’s pretty doggone UN-melodramatic. I simply treasured it a lot and thought you would as well! How’s that for plain and simple?

When there is one caveat for this lovely dessert it is to urge you to create it early and also have sufficient time for it to freeze overnight. Not to insure that it is frozen more than enough, nope, I simply found that the much longer period within the freezer permits the coconut to mellow and soften and sort of absorb some of that creamy goodness. It really is significantly To. Die. For. SERIOUSLY!!!

This recipe makes a whole lot; we stuffed four quart storage containers. Still, I really believe I shed a tear when it had been gone; it really is simply so dang great. Promise.

I may have a VERY old ice cream manufacturer that’s only valuable like a prop today but I’ll tell you…I should be hired by Cuisinart to market their snow cream machine (not an affiliate link BTW; Amazon doesn’t allow that in Colorado!). These newfangled devices with the insert you freeze? No ice? No salt? SO easy. No excuses. I was actually in a position to do two batches at once before freezing the dish again to do two more (this means I’m buying a 2nd dish stat).

One funny tidbit I suppose…when I produced a trio of snow creams for this backyard barbecue , that one had folks minimal interested. The cherry and bourbon chocolates varieties acquired them a lot more excited. The truth is where this is heading right? Of course this is the one they LOVED…as in scarfing down the last few bites under cover of darkness and departing me with an empty container. You will see payback however in the meantime…make this; you will not be sorry!

Serves 1 gallon

13 minTotal Time

1.5 cups shredded coconut

Combine sugar, salt and coconut milk in huge saucepan and hot cross bun vector high temperature until steaming.

Whisk eggs in huge bowl and put half of mix to eggs, whisking while you add.

Pour egg mix back into pan and cook on low until slightly thickened about 3-4 minutes.

Refrigerate until thoroughly chilled.

Process using ice cream machine; add chocolates and coconut at the end and mix until just combined. Remove through the ice cream machine and put into freezer safe box and freeze until company.

This makes a whole lot of ice cream! I had considered trimming the recipe in half but didn’t because I didn’t possess anything else planned for half of a can of coconut milk and because I was going to be providing this to an organization.

Halve it if you must but end up being forewarned…you may wish you’d managed to get all!

I almost wore out my first ice cream maker years back (the freeze the container variety) and something day decided to spring for the one you flip the switch and it freezes. I really like it and never have to remember the pot.

I haven’t seen a Heath club for ages – even the import areas don’t stock them.

I really like Mounds bars! Way better than Almond Joy 😉

I really like my Cuisinart ice cream machine too. The bowl is always within the freezer all set. I may need to try this quickly, I’m a huge lover of custard based ice cream and the flavor combo sounds divine.

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