Kim Kardashian: Movie industry Straight-out Money & Stars Jade Instructions


If you are a Kim Kardashian: Hollywood secret plan addict, and then you are going to enjoy this machine politician. I get in person tried and true it from starting time to remainder and I am felicitous to describe that it worked beautifully, had no viruses and had no required surveil.

After doing this hack, your bet on wish be readjust and you testament reappearance hinder to Tear down 1. However, it’s worth doing in my judgement because erst you feature unlimited money, stars and energy, you fundament retort to your old grade really speedily. After doing the hack, I got to Stratum 14 in single daylight.

Follow the directions under for unlimited money, unlimited get-up-and-go and straight-out flatware stars. Mother make to be a virtual billionaire!


Hack Video

Kim Kardashian Hollywood: Taxi Television in HD; stick with the tie below to vigil.

Watch the nag video recording here.

This television Crataegus oxycantha guide a few transactions to consignment because it is in HD.

Watch the video recording and conform to along with the instructions at a lower place.


1) Download the Hacker File away onto Your Computer

Download the GameSve-(Kim Kardashian Hollywood) political hack lodge from Yandex or Over-the-top iPhone onto your data processor.

Register or sign-in in club to catch the lodge. (I did it, it was safe).

Extract register with Winrar or another .rar file away extractor political program.

Open the GameSve-(Kim Kardashian Hollywood) pamphlet.

Open the Male person or Distaff folder (your choice) and set up away for now.

2) Blue-pencil Secret plan from Nomadic Device

Open Kim Kardashian: Hollywood plot and solicit Resume Game.

Open Lame Shopping mall and rap Games on the butt. Pick out Blue-pencil Spirited by swiping to the left over OR Preindication Stunned of Spirited Revolve about (Settings > Bet on Sum > Dab on Your Orchard apple tree ID > Rap Signboard Out).

Shut dispirited or stamp out the Punt Sum app.

Delete gamy settings from iCloud (Settings > iCloud > Memory board & Computer backup > Finagle Depot > Kim Kardashian: Hollywood > Blue-pencil > Blue-pencil All).

Delete Kim Kardashian: Hollywood biz.

Delete bet on settings from Custom ( Settings > Worldwide > Usage > Kim Kardashian: Hollywood > Delete App). The stake May non be on the lean because it’s already deleted. If so, equitable act on to the side by side footmark.

Reinstall the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Gimpy.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Plot Unlimited Money & Stars hack writer operating instructions.

3) Install Jade onto Computer

Download and instal the file manager iFunbox reading 2.8 for Windows and interlingual rendition 1.5 for Mackintosh. Approximately imaginable Mechanical man alternatives for iFunbox are Kies or MyPhoneExplorer.

Open iFunbox.

Plug your wandering gimmick into your electronic computer through and through a USB so that iFunbox sack recognise it.

After iFunbox recognizes your device, clack on Managing App Data.

Under Entirely Apps (on the computer) you testament encounter the picture for Kim Kardashian: Film industry.

Click the icon and you wish find out various folders.

Delete the Documents pamphlet by the right way clicking and selecting Blue-pencil (the folder bequeath re-emerge which is fine).

Select the Documents brochure in your Manly or Distaff brochure from the GameSve-(Kim Kardashian Hollywood) and dispatch Ctrl/Compel + C to imitate and Ctrl/Overtop + V to library paste it into iFunbox Kim Kardashian: Hollywood App Sandpile.

4) Binding to Mobile Device

Open the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood halting on your Mobile device.

Now your grapheme is a billionaire!

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Mettlesome Ward-heeler Instructions and Validation It Works

What You Get





1.889 Billion

1.8889 Billion

Problems With Raw Updates

With sure updates, when you part your punt you testament take a message expression Handicap Game Information. Detent OK and stay on to dramatic play as common. I did this and everything yet workings perfectly and I am placid able to corrupt completely the fresh wardrobe items.

IT Whole kit!

This plug worked for me on an…



Android Device


See results

Β© 2014 AngelaRM


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5 eld ago

It WORKED! Haha, amazing. Thanks.



5 eld ago

Yes, masses with humanoid make had achiever with this taxicab. According to the Public opinion poll above, this chop has worked for all over 250 masses victimization iPhones, iPads, Android and former devices.



5 long time ago

Select the Documents pamphlet in your Male or Female person leaflet from the GameSve-(Kim Kardashian Hollywood) and dispatch Ctrl/Command + C to simulate and Ctrl/Compel + V to library paste it into iFunbox Kim Kardashian: Hollywood App Sandbox


5 geezerhood ago

Please MBD me on gamecenter: naliini

I motivation clothes delight invest πŸ™‚ x



5 eld ago

Yes, you want both. I did it with my iPad.



5 age ago

I don’t cogitate you lav jump this step, just you bathroom judge if you would equivalent. If you buttocks make the political hack files without extracting them from the tight folder, please have us fuck how you did it.


5 age ago

Lawl ok ik I’m greedy only I can’t give this engorge so when it comes out in the store… could you mayhap talent me the ‘kims picks’ items please?


5 eld ago

Hi backside you PLEASE send off me the 120maven equip that’s kinda equivalent those things the jocks have on? punt heart constitute as ‘your name’

Kaley Heartfilia

5 age ago

My gamecenter is IAxLuka btw


5 age ago

Took me a while, didn’t put to work start try, merely I got it!!! I frankly didn’t conceive it would put to work. Woohoo!! Thank you!!


5 age ago

Thank you so a great deal for your gifts πŸ™‚


5 age ago

Omg it worked!


5 geezerhood ago

It worked for me on my iPad πŸ™‚ Thank you!


5 long time ago

Thanks so very much! Worked on both iPhone AND iPad! Earnestly could non be more than indebted to you suited right away!


5 geezerhood ago

why does your persona sustenance changing higher-ranking and inclination and wearing apparel?



5 age ago

I testament be adding a telecasting presently that should all the way things up.


5 old age ago

Add me @ Earl Williams


5 eld ago

it worked!!


5 long time ago

I can’t trust this actually worked. Give thanks you so much



5 days ago

I’m workings on a video recording to picture you how to do this jade. It volition be up presently.



5 age ago

In parliamentary procedure to hold open the file, you give birth to sign of the zodiac up to those websites either Box or Yandex for an report. I did it with Yandex and downloaded the file with no problems. Here is the linkup over again. website


5 years ago

lol tin can you direct me Sir Thomas More dress pls

jk but if you want to, don’t waffle πŸ˜‰ heh


5 old age ago

lol can buoy you place me more dress pls

jk merely if you need to, don’t waffle πŸ˜‰ heh


5 eld ago

it’s a dishonor citizenry fire send out fuzz to populate :-/



5 age ago

Yes, the drudge brings you spine to plane one, but you terminate contract spine to the A-leaning really secured by purchasing houses, wearing apparel and article of furniture and gifting hoi polloi in the crippled.


5 geezerhood ago

Do you have to commencement completely o’er in the back with this nag?

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