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This recipe has only 5 ingredients. This was my Nan’s formula. We generally make 2.

395 g condensed milk

Use Nice biscuits for the can add a bit more lemon if you’d like it tarter. We add clean whipped cream and fruits to the top. We’ve added chocolate to the mozzarella cheese mixture. Different biscuits could be substituted.

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REVIEWER: kiwitrace

Loved the flavor and so super easy to make. May need to experiment with gelatine for this to hold jointly and not operate everywhere.


Great, simple recipe! Not really a cheesecake fan but this formula isn’t too wealthy and heavy. Used this one for years, using granita and ginger nut products for a difference!

REVIEWER: rebhaigh

Lovely also made out of limes if you have plenty left on your tree.

REVIEWER: msdefy

This is actually the same recipe my mum has used forever! A tip she offered me is to juice genuine lemons, and make certain they have got just a little green on them, that will help the setting. Uncertain why, nonetheless it works!

REVIEWER: low Carb granola bars homemade Merrid

This is the recipe I’ve always made – lovely smooth consistency and tangy flavour. I top with fruits cooked with a little sugars and some cornflour paste for the jelly-like established. Sticky milk cheesecakes will be the best!For people who have trouble with setting, it might be the lemon juice – that’s what sets the combination, along with the chilling. I have used lemon juice from a container and it still models perfectly – simply try adding a bit more lemon juice.

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