Ten Steps To Take Before Outsourcing To A Virtual Assistant

There may come a point in your online business where you need to start outsourcing. Hiring a team member or virtual assistant can feel so overwhelming and time consuming a task that you just keep putting it off.

You will want to screen anyone you are considering hiring, especially if you will be working with them over a longer period of time. First, make sure that they complete each task on time and in a satisfactory manner. If they are consistently late, you may not want to hire that person. Also, whenever you hire a new article writer, be sure to check the work for plagiarism. You don’t want to use the article only to find it’s already posted elsewhere on the web.

Don’t judge yourself for your wants. You need to create a safe and open environment for yourself so that your true self gets uncovered. Don’t be ashamed to say, “I want to own a house by the lake with an amazing view to the mountains and a dock for launching your very own boat.” Or, “I want to be Hire a Virtual Assistant millionaire.” Or, “I want to be a famous dancer!” Just let things flow.

This is my favorite part. There is nothing better than sending a blank excel sheet to a virtual assistant and getting back all the contact information you need on potential clients. Contact person, phone number, email, websites, everything you need. And not only that, they’ll even import it into your contact management software, mailing list, or even submit friend requests to them on Facebook! I love it!

Your Mailing List. A mailing list gives you a way to contact past, present, and future clients easily. You don’t have to wait for them to visit your site again, or rely on Google or other search engines to bring you traffic. With a mailing list you can reach out to your clients any time that is appropriate.

You will realize that the time and money you will save in your business is priceless. The first time I used a virtual Pa services was for a marketing campaign I needed done. It was done so efficiently and quickly. It was great. It was something I did not have time to do, plus the time it took would have taken me away from the most important tasks i had to complete myself. The price I paid for the project was so small compared to the time i saved to spend on other, more important facets of my business.

While each of these tasks is important for business owners, it’s nearly impossible to do it on your own. To do these tasks correctly and to work the results that come from these tasks, you need help. The best help you can have is from a virtual Pa services. A Virtual Assistant can help you complete all of these tasks and many others. She’ll help you to avoid stress and feel confident about your business.

Define work schedules. Most likely, your virtual assistant is working in a different time zone and if this is the case, your morning is her wee hours and vice versa. It is okay if you give her a certain time plan indicating your preferred hours of working for you. Or at least identify a specific schedule to send your instructions so she can work on it promptly rather than on the next shift. If you have something urgent after the shift, you can call or send her an SMS so that she can attend to it right away.

I want a career that is so simple it practically runs itself. Being a VA requires work. It requires dedication, business acumen, knowledge and expertise in not only computers, Internet and applications, but also in administrative procedures and tasks. Prior experience working in an actual professional office atmosphere is a requirement. Just because you use e-mail, shop online and play Pogo all the time does not make you expert enough to be a virtual Pa services. Neither does answering phones for Smelly Shelley’s Seafood Shoppe.

If you’re in the habit of consistently writing and submitting articles for your business, you’re probably already benefiting from the targeted traffic a well-written, strategically placed article can bring.

Finding and hiring a VA is also an easy process. Many assistants are leaving the workplace and starting their own businesses from home and bringing all of their corporate experience with them. You can get their resume and references or just hire them for a small job to start. There are many resources out there to find VA’s. You can do an Internet search and there will be hundreds of names at your fingertips. There are also many sites that have VA directories, so if you prefer your VA to be in the same state then that will narrow your search results. There are all sorts of VA’s, some are certified or have been trained as Virtual Assistants and others, like myself, have taken our corporate knowledge and translated it into a VA business.

Jeffrey is my first employee. He is a young man from Iligan City. I found his resume on onlinejobs.ph and contacted him directly. He replied within the hour with a wonderful email. He is very passionate and has decent experience. After a couple of days of thinking, I offered him the position. Jeffrey is assisting me with traffic generation and website development and maintenance. He consistently does more than I ask. His dedication is infectious. I find myself wanting to work with as much intensity as he does.