WhatsApp vulnerability allows hackers to access PRIVATE files

A cybersecurity expert has unearthed a vulnerability in WhatsApp Web for desktop computers that exposes the private files of users. 

The flaw was found by JavaScript expert Gal Weizman, and affects users with an iPhone paired to WhatsApp Web.

Mr Weizman exploited a weakness in WhatsApp’s Content Security Policy, which allowed normal security measures to be bypassed. 

The Facebook-owned app prides itself on security and has end-to-end encryption in place to protect messages. 

But this vulnerability, that was reported to WhatsApp and fixed in December, could have given hackers access to private files, photos and videos stored on a computer. 

WhatsApp claims there are no known cases of a criminal exploiting this vulnerability to hack a customer. 

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It was found by JavaScript expert Gal Weizman and was discovered to affect users with an iPhone paired to WhatsApp Desktop. Hackers could change the URL that pops up in the banner message (pictured) when a link is sent to mislead users 

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