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Vietnam is Among the most wonderland of tropical fruit. The style of variety of fruits, occasionally sweet, from time to time bitter, but constantly wholesome organic goodness. Vietnamese fruits which can be loved don’t just by nearby persons but will also by international visitors which were to Vietnam and share their Tips concerning this tasty tropical fruits. All fruits is usually very easily located in supermarkets, Avenue markets and grocery outlets throughout Vietnam. You can also find lots of Road vendors who force carts to sell the fruit within the corners of just about any streets. Particularly in the southern Component of the nation where you can try a lot of differing kinds of fruits of different colours and flavors all year spherical.

There is a variety of means of food preservation, in this subject matter, we will talking about dried fruit. Drying is without doubt one of the oldest methods of food preservation. It remains to be used extensively to protect foods for residence usage and available for purchase. Dried fruits are amongst the preferred products and solutions created by smaller-scale processors.

Dried Fruit – typical information:

Drying eliminates the water from foods to ensure that the growth of micro-organisms is inhibited. In addition, it lessens the burden and bulk of foods which cuts down on transportation and storage expenditures.

Sunshine drying is The only and most economical way of drying. It’s employed for high quantity foods for example grain, rice, sultanas and raisins. The downside of sun drying is that the processor has little Command about the drying conditions and the caliber of the dried fruit.

There are 2 major forms of dried fruit- semi-moist and dried fruits:

Semi-moist fruits, which include grapes comprise Obviously large amounts of sugar meaning they are often preserved with a greater humidity written content than most other dried fruits. Semi-moist fruits can have a dampness articles as significant as 25% and they are eaten as They’re devoid of re-hydration. The sugar content of other fruits could be amplified by soaking the fruits in sugar solution just before drying. These fruits are often known as osmotically dried fruits.

For making higher high quality products, processors use an artificial dryer. There are several sorts of dryer available (solar, diesel, electric, biomass run) according to the unique needs of the person.

Processing facts for dried fruit generation

Planning from the fruit

All fruit to become dried need to be handpicked and not shaken within the tree. To obtain most yields of top-quality dried solution, all fruit should be ripe and free of charge from bruising. Any rotten or bruised fruit should be thrown away. For optimum profitability, the dryer should be loaded to greatest capacity as often as you can, for that reason it is advisable to purchase extra fruit than is required.

Bananas Use a minimal level of acidity and turn brown really rapidly just after peeling and slicing. To prevent this, they should be immersed in water that contains sodium metabisulphite (four hundred areas for every million of sulphur dioxide) instantly after peeling. Unpeeled fruits should be washed in the gentle disinfectant Answer made from just one Element of bleach to 50 parts of drinking water.

Care need to be taken not to break the skin with the fruits as this will likely contaminate the flesh. Gloves and aprons have to be worn to shield the personnel palms and dresses. 10 litres of handled drinking water are going to be adequate for around 20kg fruit.

The wash h2o ought to be transformed just after this amount has been washed since it becomes contaminated through the fruit. Comfortable fruit, such as berries and apricots, are delicate and may be managed meticulously in order to avoid bruising.

Washed fruits are thoroughly peeled to eliminate the many peel and any ruined aspects of the flesh. Fruits are cut into slices of various thickness dependant upon the sort of fruit along with the dryer. The subsequent factors are valuable to think about thick parts dry at a slower fee than thinner kinds; quite skinny pieces are inclined to follow the drying trays and could be tough to clear away; thicker pieces may well not dry completely in the center and is not going to keep very well; packets of mixed thick and thin pieces never glimpse appealing.

Only stainless steel knives ought to be used to peel and chop the fruit. Other metals will discolour the fruit flesh.

Blanching or sugaring

This stage is optional, but some processors elect to soak fruits in a very sugar syrup ahead of drying. There are several advantages of together with this process. There’s also constraints to sugaring.

Fruit items are immersed inside of a concentrated sugar Alternative for around 18 hours. They are rinsed in cleanse drinking water to eliminate any extra syrup right before drying.

Most vegetables and several fruits are blanched prior to drying to inhibit enzyme activity and to assist maintain the colour. The material is Slice into proper sized parts and plunged into boiling h2o for up to five minutes. They ought to be blanched in small batches to make certain each piece is adequately heated by means of. If too many pieces are put in to the water at just one time, the water temperature will drop and prolong the blanching time. Just after blanching for the needed time, greens are speedily cooled by plunging into chilly (or iced) water.

Sulfuring (optional)

Sulphuring or sulphiting is surely an optional phase of processing. The key advantage of sulphuring will be to protect the fruit color. Some buyers object to chemical preservatives and like naturally dried fruits.

Sulphur dioxide fuel (SO2) is applied to the fruit items by positioning them inside a cabinet or tent in which sulphur is burned. The gas is absorbed because of the fruit. For most fruits, 5-6g sulphur for each kg foods is ample. The gasoline provided off is poisonous and corrosive. Thus, sulphuring needs to be carried out in the perfectly ventilated spot, applying acceptable machines. See the knowledge on sulphuring for more facts. Sulphite can be included in the sugar syrup (as sodium or potassium metabisulphite).


Fruit parts are organized on mesh-bottom trays so that they are not touching or overlapping. The fruit need to be loaded into your trays when it is actually Reduce. This stops the items from sticking jointly and enables the drying method to begin as soon as possible.

The trays must be brushed clear to eliminate any outdated fruit pieces.

The trays need to be loaded into your dryer when These are Prepared. The dryer doors ought to be closed just after Just about every tray is loaded.

Direct sunlight should be averted as this bleaches the color and cuts down the extent of vitamins A and C. The drying temperature must be controlled to prevent above-heating and spoilage on the fruit. Most fruits are dried at about 60-70 deg C.

Fruits are dried right until they have got the desired ultimate dampness material (fifteen% for conventionally dried fruits; 20-twenty five% for osmotically dried (sugar-treated fruits).


Dried fruits must be packaged promptly after drying to prevent them absorbing dampness within the encompassing air. Soon after drying, fruits could be packed in bulk in sealed humidity-proof polyethylene bags then packed into more compact packets at a later date.

Simple elements of foodstuff drying

To create good quality dried fruit and veggies which have been satisfactory for equally export and local use, there are numerous aspects to take into consideration.

These include things like the next:

Invest in of top quality fresh new produce

Watchful transportation and storage

Proficient preparing of deliver

Proper loading and operation on the dryer

Drying to the right final dampness written content

Proper packaging and storage in the dried merchandise

Achieving excellent product high quality

Efficient administration of all functions to guarantee high-quality, lessen losses and increase business profitability.

All things to do have to be carried out with research all the time with regards to cleanliness, hygiene and foodstuff security aspects

Sugaring fruit for drying

You’ll find several ways of making use of sugar to fruits. The best is usually to dust with a good layer just right before drying. This offers the fruit a sweet coating and will assistance to slow down browning. Fruit items is usually dipped in a very concentrated sugar Option, created by dissolving sugar (sucrose) in water. When the fruit is immersed during the syrup, water is drawn out of your fruit by a process of osmosis (the concepts of osmosis are that h2o diffuses via a semipermeable membrane from a weak to some more powerful solution right until the two methods are the exact same energy. The sugar also diffuses throughout the membrane, but in a Substantially slower rate as opposed to h2o.)

In the event the fruit is immersed within a concentrated sugar Alternative, drinking water reminiscent of over 50% with the initial fruit weight may be removed, which reduces the amount of drinking water that has to be removed in the drying section. The elevated sugar focus from the fruit acts as an extra preservative which suggests the fruit could be dried to a greater moisture content material (twenty five%).

Benefits of sugaring

During osmosis, the fabric is not subjected to your large temperature more than an extended time which minimises warmth damage to the colour and flavour. A substantial focus of sugar encompassing the material prevents discolouration by enzymic or oxidative browning. The fruits might have a very good colour with no have to have for chemical treatment method for instance sulphuring. As drinking water is removed by osmosis, a number of the fruit acid is eradicated together with it. Coupled with the uptake of a small amount of sugar, this makes a blander and sweeter solution.

Cons of sugaring

Sometimes a skinny layer of sugar is remaining within the fruit immediately after drying, which can be unwanted. It could be eradicated by rinsing the fruits following soaking and prior to drying. The process makes a dilute syrup for a by-product or service.

The syrup could be brought back to total strength by concentrating or incorporating more sugar. However, There’s a limit to the quantity of times it could be re-utilized. Being additional cost effective, the syrup can be utilized to make fruit nectar. Which include this move provides pointless difficulties towards the drying approach.

Sugar may very well be an expensive commodity which makes the choice monetarily unattractive to modest-scale processors.