Australia Time ‘Paleo’ Lamingtons

There are so many fabulous things about being Australian. I feel really blessed to contact Australia home (& I love the Peter Allen track too). What a privilege to live in a beautiful, safe, friendly country. Whilst Australia does not have the loooooong culinary background many other countries possess, we are attempting, and on Australia Day time we make an effort to serve all the Aussie meals fare simultaneously. Some of which is dubiously ‘borrowed’ from our Eastern Island of New Zealand, however in any event it’s a day of lamb, shrimps over the barbie, pavlova and lamingtons (& beer I suspect for most).Video: Jammy Dodgers recipe - Telegraph Some might even have introduced kangaroo into their Australia Time BBQ.

This year, we will friends for an Australia Day BBQ (funny as Kelly is American, but hosting the party!) and I’m getting dessert, but before that, tonight, we are having Veronika & Alex from your Pumpkin Home over for dinner. They’re Slovenian and this is going to be their first Australia Day, so we have been celebrating early together, and our wonderful neighbours (component Spanish & Dutch) tonight. In fact come to think of it, among the joys of Australian lifestyle is getting to learn many from further afield!

On our menu tonight is decrease roasted leg of lamb served with last week’s roasted pumpkin & Perisan feta salad then we’ll have lamingtons 3 ways and pavlova three ways.

Before we get to the lamingtons, in the event that you follow me on Facebook , you’ll understand that I needed a ‘pavlova palarver’ last night. Firstly I tried to produce a ‘healthier’ version of pavlova by using xylitol instead of sugars. Fail #1. It had been rubbery and spongey. Preferences ok but definitely not a pav to expose to new friends. I have tried a year or so ago to utilize coconut glucose and whilst it tasted caramely it was quite flat, similar to fail #2.

Then I chosen full sugar sugar. I don’t know what happened, maybe I didn’t beat the egg whites plenty of, perhaps the bowl wasn’t dry plenty of, perhaps it had been the defrosted egg whites. In any event, it had been a sloppy, runny mess. Cooked up okay, if you want slim pavlova discs…

Then I put the call out to those on Facebook. HEEELLLPPPP. Most of you helpfully/unhelpfully recommended to use a Kitchenaid not really a Thermomix.Jammy Dodgers | What Jessica Baked Next... Helpful if I hadn’t sold my Kitchenaid in order to buy the Thermomix. Unhelpful because I no longer have a Kitchenaid. I almost opted for the handheld beaters but I was determined to create it work. I cleaned the dish with vinegar and dried out it completely. I flipped the air conditioning on because it was therefore humid. I used fresh room temp egg whites and I adopted this jammie Dodgers cocktail recipe to the letter. Phew, I’m proud to say this WORKED!! Can post on social media marketing the decorated version later today (am considering mango & cream). I really like that it is the content with my failures that obtain the biggest responses 😉

So tonight I believe I’ll provide my guests a taste of most 3 pavs.

Back to the lamingtons. No disasters here I’m very happy to state.

Store bought white colored fluffy ‘normal’ lamington (I thought they ought to reach try the ‘original’).

The Lamington Bliss Ball (see recipe below). This is a true champion. Does not have the ‘cake-y’ centre but totally gets the chocolate coconut flavours. Best thing is you may make these all year round and get a taste of Australia anytime. I also made this little lamington bliss balls video for you personally of these.

Australia Day time ‘Paleo’ Lamingtons

8 Medjool dates

1 cup (toasted optional) nuts (I utilized slivered almonds because I had them but macadamias will be even better and more Australian!)

1 cup desiccated coconut

1-2 Tbsp coconut oil

1 tsp vanilla paste

Blitz all substances together inside a food processor/blender or Thermomix until desired uniformity.

Roll into balls and then move in extra coconut.

Store in fridge or freezer.

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