FREE Printable Alphabet Flash Cards

id=”mod_36605297″>Teaching the Alphabet. Easy as ABC.

Free Alphabet Flashcards and Alphabet Animal Flashcards. Learning their ABCs the easy way. On this page you will find a great selection of free printable alphabet flash cards and free animal flashcards, just download and print. Make it easy and fun for your child or children to learn the alphabet.

Having a child of my own I remember searching online for printable alphabet flash cards We had great fun playing with these. Making learning the fundamentals of ABC fun. I wanted something easy just to print out laminate and play, and that I could use again and again.

My daughter played more with these than any other gift she ever received, she loved wandering about with them, and would show them to anyone who listened, and loved it when they too would start interacting with her, and she would copy their sounds, pointing to the flash cards, I tried to use a mix of pictures and text however the animal alphabet flashcards were a favourite

Teaching the Alphabet the easy way

Alphabet Pictures available @Art.com

Alphabet Flash Cards Printable – ABC Uppercase Printable Flashcards – Uppercase ABC Printables

I found having each child in the class a set of Uppercase and lowercase ABC’s printed out cut up separately and kept in a tin, great fun as we started to explore their ABCs Also sending these home to use with their parents when starting to form basic words etc. Invaluable resource.

Image shown here: copyright website

Alphabet Flash Cards Printable – abc Lowercase Printable Letters with Exta Vowels – Free to print out ABC printables PDF

ABC-printables-lower case Image shown here: copyright website

First Steps to Learning the Alphabet

Using the Letters of Your Childs Name

Using your Childs name is a wonderful way to introduce the Alphabet. It also is a stepping stone for introducing BIG Uppercase letters for the Name and lowercase for the rest of the their name.

This is actually a very important step for children, When reading and their initial books, will all have Capital letters at the beginning of sentences, so start off the right way by introducing the importance of a capital letter.

With my Daughter I used to say it was a BIG R for Rebecca as her name was very special so all names deserve a BIG R.

Always remember to pronounce the rrrrrrrrr……………for Rebecca. As this helps them to identify the sounds of the letter too.

Image: Author’s Own.

Resources to teach your child the Alphabet

Knowing when to start with children with learning their alphabet varies from parent to parent, and child to child, however research shows us that the more you speak to your child, the more we read to our children, the quicker the child will start to repeat sounds, their speech develpoment and identifying pictures.

A child between 18 – 24 months will often surprise you with their attempts at speaking, and there is no better times to start.

So it is important to have, activities around the house that help promote learning in a fun way, whether it be an alphabet picture taped to the bottom half of the kitchen door, or the Alphabet Fridge magnets

Always a fun one, and if like our house, even at age 10 we still have them on the notice board, where she can leave silly messages or even work out how to spell harder words.

picture shown here is Educational Insights Jumbo Uppercase AlphaMagnets -Multicolored

Alphabet Flash Cards Printable with Pictures

Upper Case and Lowercase – ABC Teaching resources

As a teacher always looking for resources ofr the class, I loved website they had everything to hand and geat color resources. You will find not only fabulous these fabulous ABC flashcards but phonics worksheets, phonics posters, flash cards for introduction, coloring sheets, game cards, handouts, worksheet makers

and more.

To print out the high Quality abc resource cards, please Click to visit the website for even more resources

The flashcards shown here, are to show you the high standard you can expect from mes-english.com. I love this website, and think the owners have a fantastic collection for ABC resources. To visit their site please visit website

Printable online alphabet colouring sheets

Free colouring pages for learning the alphabet

If you own a printer and a laminator then printing the Letters of the Alphabet on a word document, Laminate them, then your child can use a dry wipe marker to trace around the letters.

these can be used again and again and again.

Black and white colouring pages for teaching your child the alphabet and have fun colouring in @Learning Planet

Epson Expression Home XP-400 Wireless All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer, Copier, Scanner. Prints from Tablet/Smartphone. AirPrint Compatible (C11CC07201) Buy Now Crayola Washable Dry-Erase Crayons, 8 Classic Crayola Colors with Built In Sharpener & E-Z Erase Cloth Non-Toxic Art Tools for Kids & Toddlers 3 & Up, Easily Wipes Off Any Dry Erase Surface Buy Now Essentials for Teaching your Childs the Alphabet

Anything you can use over and over again is essential for teaching your child and helping them to learn.

A Printer. I like Epson as I feel the ink goes so much further whether you are printing black or white. Laminator, not only for creating reusable alphabet flashcards, but also keeping their work and achievements in good condition. I still use the laminator on my daughter certificates to keep them.

Colored dry wipe marks and a white board. Make excellent additions to your teaching and helping your child in the learning process.

Learning the Alphabet with Flashcards – High quality alphabet stencils and flashcards

print off these sheets, laminate and you instantly have your very own Flashcards for learning their ABCs

Alphabet Flashcards – Free Flashcards – Uppercase and Lower case

This has all the letters of the alphabet in uppercase and lowercase. Easy to print black & white letters. Free Flashcards – Free Flash Cards

Alphabet Flashcards – Free Flashcards – uppercase including punctuation

Colored uppercase alphabet letters. This set also has most common punctuation. Free Flashcards – Free Flash Cards

Printable alphabet

with pictures – colour

Free Alphabet Clip Art by Phillip Martin

Free Alphabet Clip Art Animal Clip Art Alphabet

Alphabet Coloring Book, Letters and Pictures to Color

Free printable alphabet letters coloring pages and birthday numbers coloring sheets.

ABC cards

A FANTASTIC RESOURCE 10/10 – ABC cards for learning the alphabet

Initial sound and picture matching cards (SB356) – SparkleBox

Free teaching resources for Foundation Stage and Key Stage One Teachers. PowerPoints, worksheets and more!

Animals for learning – learning the ABCs …

I love this website that has hundreds of Pintable pages, and worksheets. they are really clear, and easy and fun to understand 우아미넷 for the younger ones

printable Alphabet Pages

animal abc flashcards Zoo Flashcards

Learn the Alphabet for Toddlers print off FREE

Start an ABC Zoo

Print off these and colour having your very own animal zoo

From Anteater to Zebra print off these gorgeous animal flashcards

image credit: Animal ABC @ Allposter available to buy

Learn the Alphabet Song – Teach The Alphabet by Song Now you kow your ABCs

We had great fun learning the ABC alphabet song, teaching some of the older kids I would work with the alphabet. We would sometimes even teach them how to play the abc song on the piano. This helped to take a way the embarrassment of a child at 11 or 12 learning the basics ABCs But when they could claim to play the piano too, it worked wonders for them!

Teaching the ABCs – What did you find the most effective for teaching the ABCs

Sometimes I would use flashcards or sometimes I would use the song. Each child was different.

How did you teach your child the Alphabet


ABC Song


See results These FREE printable resources are colourful and easy to use, give your child the best start in life and help them to become a great reader.

Right click and Save to your computer to print off.

These have been made by me LisaAuch.com and are only for personal or classroom use. They have been made using FREE images all available in the public domain and each image and its publisher under their licience allows me to build and adapt the images.

ABC Animal Flashcards – Aa-Hh

Animal-alphabet-flashcards-free Animal A B C cards to print – Lower and Upper Case Alphabet flashcards with animals

Animal-alphabet-flashcards-free Right click and save to computer then print

These were made by website and only to be used for classroom or personal use

Animal Flashcards Qq-Zz – Lower case flashcards- upper case flashcards

Animal-alphabet-flashcards-free © 2011 Lisa Auch


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Do you have any tips to share for teaching preschooloers ABC – or fun games you played with your children while learning their alphabet

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These are so helpful to kids trying to learn the alphabet. Blessed!


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Great resources! We love learning the alphabet with both flash cards and magnetic letters!

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Flash cards are a fun way to teach the alphabet. I used them with my kids.


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This is a pretty cool lens!


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Hi Lisa. Nice lens! I am new here and am wondering how you added the flash cards PDF’s to your lens. Is there an article about how to do that? Thanks!


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really good & usefull books..

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What great resources for teaching kids their ABCs! Love the vintage animal flashcard image!


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That first picture is a creative way to depict the letters of the alphabet! For me it was just rote memorization of the alphabet song (you know the one).


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I love flashcard apps on the iPad, touch is touch a natural interface for these types of activities!


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Have a look at the sesame street site would be my tip but this lens covers a lot of useful information. I am a grandmother and when my grandchildren stay with me we use the sesame street website, my grandchildren are not only able to do fun activities, but it has taught them how to use the computer

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A very useful and informative lens indeed. Thanks.


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I think refrigerator magnets work really well, and 리니지프리서버 LeapFrog makes so many great toys to help with teaching the alphabet 🙂


8 years ago

Sometimes the tried and true toys are the best – like building blocks with letters and Lego. What a great resource your lens is. What we do is look for something in nature that begins with each letter of the alphabet when we are outside or on a long road trip. It really makes you appreciate wildlife and natural surroundings (plus the time seems to fly by).

Donnette Davis

8 years ago from South Africa

Flashcards are absolutely vital in our homeschooling situation.. I learned to make my own very early on and now publish books which include flashcards… Thank you so much x


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Divika reads writes well, I have Nevan & Ava to still go, I am going to use these printable flashcards for sure, nice!

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Great resource.


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I wish I had this resource when my daughter was age appropriate. She is heading towards 7th grade now, and finding harder things to entertain her with homeschooling stuff – great resource

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Very useful thanks, we’ll be needing resources like these in a few months.


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Every house with kids should have the alphabet fridge magnets. We’re in the kitchen so often, what a great way to keep an eye on them while working on their alphabet, reading and spelling skills. Thanks for the great lens.


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Some very nice resources here, and it’s wonderful that you have included some downloadable / printable freebies, too!


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