Goat Parmesan cheese Stuffed Turkey Burgers with Tangy Peach BBQ Sauce

There are lots of things I don’t quite understand.

Stuff that just don’t seem to make sense.

For instance: why does the guy in my own yoga class have a big suitcase tattooed across his upper body? Is certainly he a traveler? Is definitely he a murderer? Did he get too drunk one night time in Vegas? They are everything I’ve considered, but I have no idea maybe he should simply put on a shirt therefore i can stop thinking about the what ifs.

There are always a couple more things that remain unclear to me: the actual fact that Panera serves a side of bread with soup that’s inside a bread bowl, people who put cheese on apple pies, Lindsay Lohan’s fresh face (it strangely resembles Joan Rivers), and just why I haven’t done 1 / 2 of the things about my 23 things list yet.

One very last thing. Why I am hungry like allllll the time?

I don’t have answers to people questions.

But I know steps to make a killer turkey burger that squashes food cravings. With only 300 calories per serving. Ohhhh baby.

However I can’t decide what you’ll find even more intriguing: a low fat, moist turkey burger or homemade peach bbq sauce. Most likely the drool-worthy sauce, ideal?

In order to get myself to avoid


going right through bottles of Frank’s red-hot and siracha, I wanted to make something sweet, savory, and absolutely mind-blowing. Helllllooo peach bbq concoction! Quite frankly, it’s less complicated than my love lifestyle… which in reality means it is not complicated whatsoever.

The sauce itself is both tangy and sweet; well deserving sauce of any burger available. Generous spoonfuls on top makes for the most amazing, juicy flavorful bite imaginable. I promise.

Given that I’ve got you excited about the sauce, let’s move ahead to cheese.

You observe I’ve by no means been a cheese girl. At restaurants, I usually talk to the waiter to keep it off my salad; at home I never put it on my sandwich. But significantly someone should have told me how incredible goat cheese can be. I now buy it 3x per week. Call me goat mozzarella cheese gal, whatever… It’s lustful.

Tangy and nearly cream cheese like, goat mozzarella cheese turns out end up being sensational inside a burger. Trader Joe’s even provides some interesting combinations (yes, I stared at them for a good 20 moments). I guess I’m type of making it my entire life mission to place goat mozzarella cheese in and on top of everything I eat. And believe me, I like really like to eat.

I had formed these burgers for lunchtime and supper. Plus breakfast the next morning.

When did I turn into a carnivore? Uhhh apparently when I stuffed goat cheese in a burger and known as it a day.

Are you kidding me personally? I actually grilled several peach pieces and threw them at the top. And then devoured them with spicy special potato fries

Omgggggg this must happen again quickly.

Cause these burgers are simply something I totally understand.

1 egg

4 whole wheat (or low calorie) buns

1 clove garlic clove, minced

1 cup peach preserves

2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce

1 teaspoon dijon mustard

1/2-1 teaspoon red pepper flakes

freshly ground pepper

To make peach bbq sauce:

Heat a splash of olive oil in a moderate sauce skillet over medium temperature. Add the onions and make until gentle, about 5 minutes. Add the garlic clove and cook for another mins. Reduce temperature to low and add tomato paste and cumin; combining with the onion and garlic.

Add the tomato sauce and everything remaining ingredients. Stir until combined and heated through. Flavor and adjust salt, pepper, or additional seasonings while you discover fit. Transfer to a blender or use an immersion blender to mix until soft. Add more water, a tablespoon or two at the same time, if you prefer a thinner sauce. Set aside until burgers are prepared.

To make burgers:

Combine turkey, egg, onion, minced garlic, ketchup, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, salt, and dark pepper in large bowl. Separate turkey into identical sized rounds. Produce 2 equal sized patties out of each round so you have 8 patties total. Sprinkle 4 of the patties with refreshing ground dark pepper and top with goat parmesan cheese; top with remaining patties, operating the turkey throughout the sides to seal burgers closed. Season with salt and a few grinds of pepper. Grill or broil until prepared through, about 6 mins per side.

Once burgers are cooked, put in place bun and add peach bbq sauce on top.

This recipe makes 4 burgers, nevertheless, you will make smaller burgers. Simply divide meats into 10 patties, and top with goat mozzarella cheese.

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