In my dream world I’d go on the beach, possess a Whole Foods salad bar in my own kitchen, and eat magical zero calorie banana cream pie every day for dessert.

I’d appreciate every sunrise using a continental breakfast time and purchase a German Shepard because I think they’re really pretty. I’d check out Machu Picchu, bungee leap daily, and make s’mores for any bedtime treat. I’d own a banana loaf of bread only bakery that acts wine. Oh and I certainly could not spill wines on my white jeans (it just happened this weekend).

But that’s all just in my desire world.

In real life I’m producing big batches of pancakes on Sundays, chasing dogs around the neighborhood if they try to escape, and convincing myself to exercise daily.

Lately I’ve been trying out recipes. Generally on kids simply because they by no means lie for you; they either like it or they don’t.

Here’s Ava testing out a split cake I made. I think I need to start renting kids for recipe tests.

In a few days I’m headed out to California again! From the moment I first visited, I fell deeply in love with it. And now I couldn’t be more excited! I’ll have a million photographs and upgrade my about me web page soon. There are so many things that I can’t wait to share.

For now, I made you some healthy pancakes. Wait… are they healthy if they have chocolate chips in them? That’s your decision! I make an effort to maintain them reduced calories through the use of egg whites, high proteins greek yogurt, and quinoa. I also recommend using whole wheat white flour.

But 1st let’s just eat some feel-good super romantic and always mouth watering pancakes.

My just problem with pancakes? Deciding if I need blueberry or chocolates chip. Since I love both, I added these to my quinoa pancake batter. Yeah my mind is pretty odd; however, my taste buds are not. They are a gift through the universe.

Aren’t you a little intrigued? Maybe puzzled using the combination?

Whatever your thought, I assure you these pancakes are a good deal of deliciousness. Blueberry chocolate chip pancakes are kind of just an essential life experience. Something you need to try at least once.

Or even a million times. Whatever!

Juicy, warm berries in addition über creamy chocolate chips loaded in a healthy little pancake. Consider it outrageous by serving them in genuine maple syrup (or peanut butter!) and chasing with a glass of ice-cold milk.

Makes 8-10 pancakes

1 1/2 teaspoons cooking powder

1/4 teaspoon coarse salt

3 huge egg whites

1/2 cup milk of your choice (skim, soy, almond, coconut)

1 tablespoon darkish sugar

1 1/2 teaspoons 100 % pure vanilla extract

2/3 cup refreshing blueberries

1/2 cup chocolate chips


In a moderate bowl, whisk collectively quinoa, flour, baking natural powder, and salt. In another medium bowl, whisk together egg whites, yogurt, dairy, and brown sugar until simple. Add egg mixture to flour blend and whisk to combine. Add vanilla and whisk again. Next gently fold in blueberries.

Lightly coat a large non-stick skillet or griddle with butter or cooking spray and heat more than medium. Drop batter by 1/4 cup onto skillet. Cook until bubbles show up at the top, about 2 a few minutes. Flip cakes and cook until golden dark brown on underside, 2 mins. Clean skillet clean and do it again with more melted butter and remaining batter.

I used dark chocolate chips for a nice contrast with the berries, nevertheless, you can use whichever delicious chocolate chip you would like

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