Special Painting Effects

Special Painting Effects We perform and carry out normal or plain painting on both internal and external work conditions using only the highest quality materials for palaces, villas, offices, showrooms, apartments, hotels, and like environments. Conversely, Golden Line has the capacity and ability to execute practically all kinds and types of special and decorative paint [...]
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Commercial Service This type of services is usually executed in Hotels, Malls, Hospitals, Schools, Offices and Residential Towers. Our scope of work for commercial establishments primarily remains ceilings, walls and partition works which are relatively much simpler and more plain compared to residential projects. Main materials used in this kind of scope are Gypsum Board, [...]
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Residential Service Residential decoration services can be classified into two separate categories: Classic Interior Decoration and Modern Interior Decoration. Our talented and equipped carvers can easily and expertly shape any GRG element to turn it into an instant piece of art and eventually make it a very dominant and equally striking and imposing aspect or [...]
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