So many options, choices, decisions, fresh adventures.

This may be fun.

I’m old plenty of to say I’ve seen them all.

Okay, it isn’t like being able to say “I’ve seen every Christmas”.

But still, it makes me feel like I’ve been part of an era.

Yeah, it doesn’t take much.

When the first Earth Day was held in 1970 I used to be students at Pratt Institute.

Classes were cancelled for the day.

We had a big inflated balloon on campus.

We entered it, bounced about a little bit, and celebrated that people were living on earth.

Yeah, like we had a choice.

What may i say?

We were kids of the 60s and it didn’t take much to make an impression us.

I mean, compare what the performers did in Wish Girls to what teen stars do now.

We’d have run screaming from the building if we’d seen fireworks onstage.

Back again to Earth Day time…

Veggies grow on the earth.

Time and energy to eat a veggie.

Paulie Walnuts’ section My Nucci in Artie’s The Sopranos Family Cookbook has a nice veggie formula, stuffed Artichokes – Carciofi Ripieni.

Yeah, he things it.

To remove the choke, work with a small blade to scrape away the fuzzy leaves in the centre.

Carciofi Ripieni

With a big sharp knife

trim off the top 1 inch from the pointy end of

Rinse them good under cool water.

Cut off the bottom stems therefore the artichokes may stand upright.

DON’T THROW THE STEMS AWAY – you need them for the stuffing.

Peel off the tough outer skin from the stems.

Snap off the tiny leaves around the base of each artichoke.

With the kitchen shears trim off the pointy tips of the remaining leaves.

Getting rid of the choke is certainly optional.

Place the artichokes inside a pot large enough to carry them upright.

Blend them in a bowl with

3/4 Cup plain bread crumbs

1/4 Cup chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley

1/4 Glass grated Romano or Parmesan cheese

1 large garlic clove, very finely chopped

Salt and pepper to taste

Essential olive oil – enough to moisten the crumbs

Lightly spread the artichoke leaves apart and gently stuff the artichokes.

Return the artichokes towards the pot.

Cooking Artichokes

Bring to a simmer and decrease high temperature to low.

When the water evaporates away add even more hot water so they won’t scorch.

Cook before leaves could be easily pulled out, approximately 45 minutes.

Serve warm or at space temperature.

Would I make Carciofi Ripieni again?

One recipe straight down. Nineteen more to go.

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