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Another calendar year, another batch of new iPhones. The problem with having your photo albums on iCloud is that others may look over your shoulder and spot an image that, well, requires explanation. If you have a couple of pictures in your Photos app that you want to conceal from prying eyes, it is possible to hide them from view. 101 Handy Technology Tips for the iPhone can make you a more confident iPhone user and help you uncover some of the best features you may never find or even look for by yourself.

Elsewhere, the filing confirms that the iPhone XS and XS Utmost each pack 4GB Memory, while the iPhone XR has 3GB. Instead of downloading yet another app just use iOS’s built-in function. Its by opening the typical Compass app and swiping remaining to show the heart level! Very convenient indeed. But it doesn’t end there. You can orientate the telephone edge or by lying flat to provide different soul level displays.

On Android cell phones, tap the menu and you will see a couple of video and sound controls, including brightness, or exposure. Slide right to make dark scenes brighter. Remaining to darken. Please remember, all telephone cameras do better in shiny light. So whenever you can, avoid shooting in low-light situations. Did you know pressing the on-screen shutter button isn’t the only way to have a photo? You can also use the volume buttons on the side of your phone.

Apple didn’t accept the all-glass surface finish to begin with, but it finally emerged around in 2017 with the launch of the iPhone 8 , 8 Plus and iPhone X. We won’t know the Memory until someone pries open up an iPhone X, as Apple doesn’t reveal its RAM specs. But one survey has recommended the iPhone X should come with 3GB of RAM , the same amount we saw Apple pack into the iPhone 7 Plus.

Use Siri to miss filter photos on your iPhone by time or location. Try it: Instead of tapping the X on the lock display screen to eliminate some notifications, press that X just a little harder to bring up a fresh option! This enables you to clear out all your notifications at the same time. While we’re on the topic of portrait setting, I should say that it’s much better on the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Potential than on prior mobile phones with both front and rear surveillance cameras. The Neural Engine helps better separate the depth information captured from the dual back surveillance cameras and the TrueDepth camera on the front.

If you’re always fumbling to reply to your calls before each goes to voicemail, you may reap the benefits of turning on the auto-answer feature. In the event that you go into Configurations > General > Availability > Call Sound Routing and choose Auto-Answer Calls you can set your phone to pick up automatically after a certain amount of time. You are given the option to have alerts from the precise app quietly arrive on your lock display, aqui vai meaning your telephone won’t light and no alert sound.