Why wont your puppy stop whining? – Answers.com

The puppy can have a number of problems a few are:

A: the puppy is in pain

B: the puppy is sick

C: the puppy misses you or is lonely

D:the puppy was taken away from the mother too early

There are a number of reasons, but whining could be serious

What does it mean when a dog wont stop whining?

It needs to go outside or for a walk!

How do you get a puppy to stop whining?

heres some things to try… Give it attention give it a treat give it a toy.

How do you make your puppy to stop barking and whining when hes in the house alone?

work with it, he’s a baby who misses his mommy

How do you get my border collie puppy to stop whining at night?

I dunno. Maybe bring it to the vet. If not, teach it not to waste your time or smack his hairy butt like you never did before.

When do Springer Spaniels stop biting?

they wont unless you tell them its bad(best done when a puppy)

What is wrong with your puppy it keeps whining?

It is lonely, hungry, injured, or sick.

My puppy wont stop bitting me and other objects what do I do?

What you need to do is get an empty spray bottle and fill it with water.When the puppy or dog bites you, you spray it. it should stop bitting you.Whenever the dog bites you spray it as said

What to do when a puppy is whining in pain and she cant go to the bathroom?

make her go in the sink

How do you get an 8 year old to stop whining like a baby?

Tell him/her that if they stop whining youll buy him/her a cookie or something. lol.

Is it normal for a 4 month year old puppy have growing pains?

maybe if your puppy is just whining then that normal if it does something else, then your in trouble. sorry poor puppy!!

Why is my 8 month old Male puppies acting like hes in heat whining and wont eat?

It sounds as though there is something wrong with your puppy, you need to take him to see an animal doctor (a vet) as soon as possible.

When should you take a puppy outside to use the bathroom?

When the puppy starts sniffing around and maybe whining. 🙂 btw i have 2 lil puppies

What kind of sound does a puppy make?

Woof. Or yelping. Or whining, whinging etc. Er…obviously.

Do all dogs stop whining when stroked?

It depends. If they are whining because they are lonely then usually yes. But if they’re whining because they’re sick, or hurt then sometimes. The answer actually depends on the condition the dog is in.

How do you know if a puppy is stuck?

If he’s whining and hasn’t moved for a while, I’d say he’s stuck.

Why wont your puppy stop urinating?

Maybe he/she is drinking to much water cut back just a little and see if that works if not call your vet

How do you make a puppy stop whining?

Try giving him to his mother or feeding him. Take him outside or something. Its like having a crying baby they cant tell you what hey want so you just keep trying different tihings until they are happy.

How do you tell if boxer puppy pulled muscle in leg?

Well this goes for all dogs, if you notice any differences at all about the puppy [such as limping, whining constantly, etc] you should take him to the vet.

How can you get your preschooler to stop whining so much?

offer them something they like

When does a puppy stop teething?

Usually the puppy will stop teething after a year however, it can last up to 18mths.

How can you stop a puppy from teething on you?

Give the puppy something he can chew on.

Will spading a puppy before their first cycle change their personality?

spading a puppy wont change the way they act it will just get rid of urges and unwanted puppies wont be born

What if your newborn puppy wont go to the bathroom?

If your newborn puppy doesn’t go, it doesn’t gotta go.

What if your puppy eating fine and drinking cows milk but wont drink water?

Stop giving him milk. He will drink water when he gets thirsty enough.Toughlove. It’s for his own good.

What age will a puppy stop biting?

The puppy will stop bitting at around 2 years old. Although it may never stop if you continue to allow it to do so 🙂

If a girl says get over it what does that mean?

im a girl and when i say it i usually mean stop talking about it and forget it. Stop whining and forget it.

Why do puppies whine?

because their sad and lonley OR! Becoming a pet owner of a new puppy is one of the most fun and exciting things that you will do. It can be both an adventurous time as well as challenging. So what do you do when the dog behavior gets out of control and your new addition to the family starts to whine a great deal? The first thing that you will need to do is to…

What puppy would be a good companion for a black labrador puppy?

Preferably one that wont eat it.. Maybe a chocolate lab

How do you say ‘stop whining’ in French?

arrêter de gémir

Will tapping my dog’s nose stop him from whining in the car?

No but the more you let him ride the less he will whine.

What do you do when your profile damaged on need for speed most wanted?

make a new one and stop whining!!

When should you stop feeding puppy food?

You should stop feeding your dog puppy food when it reaches about 1 year. A typical puppy will reach adult size when its about 8-12 months.

Can you train chihuahuas not to bark?

All dogs can be trained not to bark. At the moment your pup thinks that crying and barking gets them out or attention, which it does, which in turn means they can dictate when you get up and of course they want you with them your pup loves you! So you have to ignore which is a process call extinction. What that means is you will have to endure an extinction burst (behaviour will get…

Can puppy drink milk?

Yea you can it wont harm the pup or anything

How do you get big biceps without bench press?

man stop whining and start excercising u dud

Is there anything you can do to stop the whining when a kitten is in heat?

No. There is nothing you can do. Wait until the cat’s heat stops and get her spayed.

How do I stop my puppy crying?

well, there’s not a really…official, i guess method for it, but the thing that I’ve found most successful for separation anxiety is to tie the puppy on a lead to, idk, maybe like a deck post or 소형 강아지 종류 something solid, so it has enough room to move comfortably. after the dog is tied, walk about four feet past where the puppy can go and turn to do something else (even if it is just moving your…

How do you stop puppy farming?

You can report puppy farming when you see it to your local animal control and they can stop it and get into the mill and 고양이 발정기 keep the mill from continuing saving lives of the puppies.

How do you get puppy to stop barking?

You can get a puppy to stop barking by purchasing the bark away product. It produces a sound that only the dog can hear and makes then not want to bark.

What can you expect from a 8 day old newborn puppy?

You will hear a lot of whining, growling, barking (maybe), or any other crazy thing you might expect from a little pup.

How do you get your Dell Tower to stop whining?

The whining you are hearing is the fans struggling to turn. So your best bet would be to remove power from the machine, open up the tower, get a can of compressed air, and blow out all the dust in the tower.

Your puppy wont walk with a leash?

The puppy needs to be taught to walk on a leash or lead. This is not a natural thing for dogs to do. Coaxing with food will help to teach it .

Do I need to stop my dog from playing with puppy?

No as long as the adult dog is not hurting the puppy let them play

When should you stop feeding your puppy puppy food?

I would have to say if it is about a year old, you should switch to dog food instead of puppy food.

how do you train a puppy to stop begging?

Stop feeding him when he begs. He will get the message, though he might try another tactic to get what he wants. Still, he is a puppy and he will mature out of this behavior in time.

How do you get puppies to stop biting?

give them a bone when a puppy bites too hard YELP in a high pitched voice, this mimics other puppy cries and the puppy should immediately let go, stop playing with the puppy when he bites and only play again when the puppy is more gentle, the puppy may also attempt to ‘lick you better’ after you yelp, this is good behaviour and you should reward them for this.

How much candy do you have to feed a child before they quit whining?

You shouldn’t be feeding a child candy to make them stop whining. You need to take control of the situation. To much candy is not good for a child it is sugar and can cause health problems.

How long does it take a puppy to stop nursing?

Puppies stop nursing at about 8 weeks.

How can a girl tell if a guy likes them?

If A: he wont stop looking at her, B: he wont stop hanging out with her, and C: if he is nice to her

Just brought home a 6 wk puppy does she need puppy milk the owner said she was weened?

no r puppy wont need milk if it is 6 weeks old just give it water cauz puppy milk is just a rip off


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