You Have Hired A Virtual Assistant And Delegated All Those Unwanted Tasks – Now What?

I don’t want to answer to Hire a Virtual Assistant. Sorry, just because you’re the boss doesn’t mean you don’t answer to anyone. If you want a successful virtual assistance business your goal is superior client service. That means listening to and answering to your clients. Sure, you’re the boss, but what good is being a boss if you have no clients? You also should remember that you answer to the IRS.

ALL IN ONE. Ever heard of all in one printing stations? You know the ones that come with the ability to fax, scan and copy. The beauty of hiring a Multi-VA company like Apex or Globe Task for example is that in many cases you gain Personal Assistant Philippines access to a wealth of talent that is all billed under one invoice. You have your administrative, creative design and marketing team all at the click of a button.

Online Business Managers- Not even the same family of names but basically does the same thing as a VA. Here’s the main difference. An OBM typically works with a few clients at the most. She is very involved in the business and decisions and usually receives compensation from the business revenue at least in part if not entirely. I almost want to call this type of Hire A Virtual Assistant a partner.

You may want to ask your VA about her work style. How does she keep organized? Will she be able to meet your deadlines? Handle your tasks in addition to those of her other clients? You may want to discuss the importance of priorities Hire a Virtual Assistant deadlines.

What does your ideal client look like? Is your ideal client a well-known professional with a large business, and making seven figures? Do you prefer small or start-up businesses? If you have a family, do you want to work with someone who may also have a family and understands the flexibility required in your Virtual Personal Assistant Philippines business?

Having a sale on a package? Mail your list and let them know. Got room in your schedule for one more client? Mail your list and ask for referrals. Adding new services or team members? Mail your list and tell them about it.

Update copyright. It’s a good idea to have a copyright date on your website but a lot of people forget to keep it updated. If it’s out of date, then your visitors may wonder if you’re still in business. A virtual PA can check this for you and set it up so that the date automatically updates each year.

You can easily find English speaking workers from India and the Philippines on virtual freelance websites. These foreign workers are eager to handle all of your word processing, text manipulation, data entry, and any other laborious tasks for less than half of what an employee in your country would charge. There are many virtual assistants that happily work for $2 per hour. One of the first things a business owner must do is to make a list of all of the tasks that you can easily and safely hand over to someone else. Make a list of the day to day tasks that take up too much of your time.

What kind of work do you enjoy? What tasks/projects excite you? If you could create your own job description, what would it include? If you enjoy what you do, then you are more likely to express enthusiasm and demonstrate your best work. This is an important factor – if you don’t enjoy a specific type of work, then stay away from the professionals who may need that kind of support.

When you have a regular employee you pay them regardless of what they’re doing. They could be sitting at the computer playing a game because they don’t have any work to do. That’s not good, so it’s best to hire a Virtual Personal Assistant Philippines and stop paying for those unproductive hours.

There are challenges to working with a virtual assistant. You’ll have the best luck if you hire someone you can trust to be a self-starter and solve problems on their own. You won’t be able to supervise them closely. But, if you take the time to find a virtual assistant who can be a trusted partner in your goals, you will not only save money but meet your goals with far less effort on your part.

Even though I praise oDesk, realize they don’t do All of the work for you. You’ll have to do some footwork before finding your perfect VA, virtual receptionist, etc. “There’s someone for everyone” – the saying goes. So what will you have to do? First, after you post your job, you’ll probably get over 100 applicants within the 1st 24 hours. You can Hire a Virtual Assistant from this pool or, you can do a search of your own and invite qualified candidates to interview for your position. This will dramatically reduce the number of candidates you have to filter through. What criteria you search for, in either scenario, will depend on what work you want the VA to do. I’ll share with you what I did below.

A Virtual Assistant is a person that works at home for other business owners. They help with administrative tasks as well as other tasks that a business owner may need done to help them out. A Virtual Assistant is also known as a VA.